Unexpected Publicity

Geoff Harrod, Managing Director, was surprised and delighted with the unexpected publicity for G R Westbuild Ltd in the Bournemouth Daily Echo on Tuesday 24th April. 


This followed the emergency ‘clean-up’ work which had to be done after a flood caused by a burst pipe in the loft at Grange Gardens in Poole.

Geoff commented that this was a private arrangement & had not expected it to become public knowledge.

G R Westbuild Ltd had offered to widen some doorways to enable wheelchair access and to decorate the property free of charge to assist the Churchill family whose children, 3 year old Harry and 8 month Cody are both sufferers of the rare and painful skin disorder, EB (Epidermolosis Bullosa).

On the first schedule day of work we discovered the burst pipe, damaged ceilings and flooded house.  It was so fortunate that the family had not already moved in but it nevertheless caused a major upset for the Churchill’s plans who were desperate to find a suitable home for their children.

Not making a drama out of this crisis, our guys sorted the problem quickly and efficiently, clearing the debris, drying the property, widening the doors, adding new electric sockets & lighting and decorating the property throughout and enabled the family to move into their repaired and decorated property as quickly as possible.

Without exception, every one of our employees offered to work in their own time (if necessary) without pay to help the family.  ‘This was an outstanding offer’ commented Director Dave Taylor ‘It was a great team effort – well done everyone and thank you’.









Follow the link:-  http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/districts/poole/9666001.A_new_home_for_EB_sufferer_Harry_and_family_after_burst_pipes_disaster/