Minor Mayhem as our server failed

It was all hands to the pump to keep ‘business as usual’ after we suffered a ‘catastrophic failure’ of our server last week.

Our providers described the failure of both server operational hard drives as ‘unprecedented’ and although our back-up systems and Business Continuity Procedures were effective, we had to wait while the server was rebuilt and all the necessary software was re-loaded before we became fully operational again.

Our computers were protected with ‘anti-surge’ equipment but it is thought that the high level electric storm last week caused the damage.  ‘Other businesses in the area also suffered damage but that’s hardly consolation.’ commented Operations Director Dave Taylor. ‘Our office staff worked brilliantly to minimise the impact on our business service levels and I would say that in most cases our customers would not have suffered any inconvenience’.

To minimise the likelihood, and reduce the impact, of a recurrence, a ‘remote’ mirror system has been installed (effectively a duplicate server system) and our anti-surge equipment has been upgraded.

Geoff Latham-Harrod commented ‘I’m pleased with the way we coped and with the procedures we had in place.  However, as part of our continuous improvement philosophy we will review our Business Continuity Procedures following this experience to see f there is anything we need to amend.  I also want to thank David Porter of Suretech IT for their prompt response and professional advice.’