Has your electrical installation been inspected and tested lately?

The average electrical rewire is recommended to be taken about every 25 years (1991); although some houses may not actually need to be rewired. An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) will highlight if one is needed. EICR is also known as ‘fixed wiring testing’ and ‘periodic inspection report’.

During the report an electrician will test and inspect the electrical condition of the building. This will confirm if a rewire is needed or if there are any other specific problems that need to be rectified without having to rewire the property, it will also validate if your electrics are in fact safe and do not need any further works carried out.

An EICR should not be confused with PAT testing where an electrician will test appliances and equipment within a property. We generally carry these out for schools and commercial properties.

It is advised that an EICR is carried out every 10 years in your home. If you have tenants you also have a duty of care to ensure all installations are safe before tenancies start and are then maintained. We therefore recommend having a report carried out every 5 years or when a new tenancy starts.  Please see the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 for more information. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1985/70

At G.R. Westbuild Ltd we only employ fully credited NICEIC electricians, to confirm if a company is fully registered with NICEIC you can check using this link: https://www.niceic.com/find-a-contractor/find-contractors. Before employing any construction company to carry out works at your property it is HIGHLY recommended you do check they are actually registered to any scheme they claim to be members of. This can be done very easily online and if you discover an engineer or company has misled you, you should report this to trading standards as it is against the law.

To talk to our Electrical Supervisor please call our office on 01202539246 or alternatively email us on info@grwestbuild.co.uk